Dentals: Post Operative Care

Dentals: Post Operative Care

What should I expect after my pet has had a dental procedure at Cottesloe Vet?

After a dental procedure you can expect your pet to be a little sleepy and quieter than normal. They have had a general anaesthetic to carry out the procedure and just like us, they don’t always feel up to their normal perky selves afterwards. It’s a good idea to keep your pet in a nice warm, secure area after the procedure so that they can recover in a safe place and also so you can keep an eye on them.

Once your pet has arrived home you can offer them some water – just watch to make sure that they don’t try to drink copious amounts of water too quickly as they may just make themselves sick! If they do try to drink a lot quickly just take their water away and offer it back to them in five minutes or so.

After a dental your pet can normally eat its usual food – unlike us, animals don’t seem to have too much difficulty in eating after a dental procedure. It is a good idea to offer about half the amount of food your pet would usually have just to ensure that they don’t over eat and stand the chance of vomiting up their meal.

A vet may have recommended that your pet start on a new dental health food after the dental procedure. If starting a new food offer your pets normal food on the first night they return home, after that you can start the transition to their new food!

Sometimes after a dental your pet will go home with some medications, this does vary depending on how severe your pet’s dental disease was and if it required extractions or not! Any medications that you may be provided with will be explained to you at the time you pick up your pet.

If you notice that your pet isn’t eating well or seems unhappy please don’t hesitate to give us a call on (08) 9384 1877.

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