Surgeries: Post Operative Care

Surgeries: Post Operative Care

What should I expect when my pet has had surgery at Cottesloe Vet?

After any surgery your pet may be a little sleepier than usual for the first day or two, this is pretty normal – after all they have had a big day. It is important that you keep your pet warm, comfortable and quiet once they arrive home – inside is best but if they are kept outside make sure that they have a nice secure area with plenty of blankets, shelter and try to enclose them so that they can’t run around too much.

Offer water when your pet arrives home, however if they dive into the water bowl and start drinking copiously remove it and offer it back to them in five minutes or so. Some times after an anaesthetic they will feel a little queasy and will drink until they make themselves sick!

Offer about half of the usual amount of normal food and don’t be too surprised if they don’t want to eat. If you’re pet is not eating or drinking normally after the first night and you are worried please give us a call.

It is important that you keep your pet quiet (no running or jumping) and comfortable for 10 – 14 days after their surgery to ensure that the wound has the best opportunity to heal nicely. Try to ensure that your pet doesn’t get wet during the 10 – 14 days while sutures are in so no baths, swimming or goofing around in puddles!

Your pet will be sent home with some pain relief medication to make sure they are comfortable while they are recuperating. It is important that this medication is given with food to make sure they don’t cause any stomach upsets. If your dog or cat is reluctant to take the medication, you can hide them in something really tasty like a piece of cheese or cooked chicken. However most animals quite like the taste of these medications, so they are easy to give!

If you notice any swelling or bruising that hasn’t been pointed out after surgery please call us as we may want to have a look and make sure it isn’t causing any discomfort.

As always, if you are at all worried about your pet please don’t hesitate to contact us on (08) 9384 1877.

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